OCTA’S BRAVO AWARD (formerly OKLAHOMA SPOTLIGHT AWARD) (established 2009) This award was introduced by the Board for the intent of thanking phenomenal community theatre volunteers.   Member theatres can recognize any theatre volunteer who has gone ‘above and beyond’ in their volunteerism. 

This certificate recognizes outstanding service as a volunteer to a Theatre that is a member of OCTA. Nomination should state why the nominee deserves to receive this award.  

Nominations are submitted in writing to the OCTA Office.   The Awards Committee approves the nomination application.

The Certificate is mailed to the Theatre who will make the presentation. Should an OCTA Board member live in the vicinity of the theatre, the Board member should represent OCTA in presenting the award.

There is no set number to be inducted each year. 

One nomination per theatre per year. 

OCTA Bravo Awards (formerly Spotlight Awards)


Tana Calhoun, Duncan Little Theatre

Kris Osborn, Spotlight Children’s Theatre


Pam Leptich, Grove Community Playmakers

Rhonda M. Clark, Carpenter Square Theatre

Al Bostick, Oklahoma City


Sunny Uttley, Grove Community Playmakers


Lori Klickman, Grove Community Playmakers


Stevie Farrand, Carpenter Square Theatre, OKC

Karon Wheat, Grove Community Playmakers


Linda Fracek, Grove Community Playmakers

Jarrod Kopp, Theatre Tulsa

Kristin Harding, Theatre Tulsa

Sandra Becker, Tahlequah Community Playhouse

Jp Szafranski, Theatre Tulsa

Teresa Nowlin, Theatre Tulsa

Hunter Cates, Theatre Tulsa


Dwayne Brittain, Duncan Little Theatre

Margaret Chowning, Grove Community Playmakers

Fluff Dixon Smith, Duncan Little Theatre


Tonna Zuech, Grove Community Playmakers, Grove

Judy Bradley, Grove Community Playmakers, Grove

Susan Apker, Heller Theatre, Tulsa

Larry Scott, Ardmore Little Theatre

Taylor Tucker, Ardmore Little Theatre

Ben H. Ezzell, Gaslight Theatre, Enid


Ron Friedberg, Heller Theatre, Tulsa

Sandy McCabe, Grove Community Playmakers, Grove

OCTA Spotlight Awards Past Recipients


Linda DuBois – Grove Playmakers

George Romero – Heller Theatre

Thome Cook – Chickasha Community Theatre

Kathy Buxton – Duncan Little Theatre


David Thompson – The Stage Door, Yukon

Connie Stuart – Theatre Tulsa

Sherry Whisman & Karyn Lee Maio – Sapulpa Community  Theatre

David Gray – Heller Theatre

Judy McGlasson – Theater Bartlesville

Vicki King – Grove Playmakers