OCTAFest 2016

The Oklahoma Community Theatre Association Festival (OCTAfest) is a state-wide biennial play festival that is the organization’s signature event. In accordance with OCTA’s mission to encourage excellence in theatre arts, the festival provides an opportunity for theatres to present their best artistic productions to the state, be adjudicated by nationally known theatre experts, and for audiences to see the best of community theatre performances. It is the first step in the national American Association of Community Theatre’s festival, in which the winners are invited to perform internationally. Two Production of Honor are chosen during OCTAFest to advance to the regional festival, where one of those will be chosen to advance to the national festival. OCTA leads the nation with the most first and second place awards at regional and national festivals.  Oklahoma theatres have performed at international festivals in Monaco, Canada and Germany.

Tax-deductible contributions can be made to the Oklahoma Community Theatre Association’s designated fund in the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. Interest earned on contributed funds designated in memory of Lil Williams is presented as a travel stipend to competing theatres in OCTA’s play festivals. 

Youth Conference

OCTA offers a Youth Conference over spring break with a two day intensive theatrical training workshop for ages 12 through Sr. in High School.  They focus on performance skills, characterizations, auditioning techniques, and much more, which culminate with a  showcase performance.

OCTA Youth 2019


Community Theatre enthusiasts from all over the State of Oklahoma, Past Presidents and Board Members, former OCTA members, all those currently interested in Oklahoma Theatre, and Students and Youth of future theatre gather together for an OCTA conference every ‘odd’ numbered year. The location is close to central Oklahoma to make travel easy for everyone statewide.  The day consists of morning workshops, award luncheon, followed by afternoon workshops.  Registration dates are announced in advance, but anyone can attend the day of festivities.  What greater reason to have a Celebration than to bring Oklahoma Theatre people together in Fellowship?  And in addition, what a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the exciting work that Theatre and Volunteers have done throughout the year!  There is so much to brag about!

Annual Meeting

Our Last Annual Meeting was October 21, 2023
at Sand Spring Community Theatre

Technical Olympics

Fully realized theatre productions would not be possible without the technical staff to build and implement the scenery, properties, costumes, sound, and lighting.  There are some basic skills every good technician should learn and practice to be a well-rounded theatre maker.  The purpose of this Olympiad is to test your knowledge of some of these basic skills.  The combination of team and individual events underline the principle that theatre technicians work alone and in ensemble groups depending on the required task in order to make the production successful.  In technical theatre, both time and accuracy are critical to a successful outcome.  As artists, we demand excellence in the tasks we are given, but as technicians we also have to perform the tasks quickly and efficiently so as not to disrupt the production process.