Why Become an OCTA Member?

  • Promotion of Theatre Events
  • A network for sharing and distributing props, costumes, and more
  • Help finding Directors for upcoming shows
  • Award nominations
  • Theatre Workshops
  • Additional marketing for shows
  • Invitations to OCTAFest, Youth Conference, and Festival Events
  • Enter to be a part of OCTA Invasion

Membership Levels

Patron of the Arts – $40 (2 year membership)
Any adult individual regardless of theatre affiliation who wishes to support the performing arts

Youth (K-12) – $5
Any young person, regardless of age, in Kindergarten through Senior in High School.

Educational – $35
Any educational organization with an active theatre program.

Theatre professional – $35
Stage manager, director, scenic designer, light designer, costumer, any individual theatre professional expecting a stipend or contract for their work, playwrights

Community Theatre – $100
Theatre members